What’s it about?

Small Town England is a book about growing up in a tiny town (Market Rasen, Lincolnshire) in the outer reaches of the rural suburbs and having only a cheap electric guitar and some cut out pictures of Glenda Jackson to keep me going. Set between 1978 and 1983, it harks back to a lost age of black white telly, punk and 50cc motorcycles with the silencers taken off.

“A warm, kaleidoscopic romp of a reminiscence”

Stuart Maconie

Low (ie. no) budget promotional video that doesn’t actually mention the book

‘(Planet Rock is) Out of Stock’ by Temple of Ying

This is a first draft doodly animation for a song I did with mate (and sound engineer/producer) Tony Salter of T-Bone Tunes. Set in North Lincolnshire in 1982 it tells the story of a teenager trying to find an Afrika Bambaataa 12 inch single in the wilds of the rural suburbs.

Lots of illustrations


• Willie Pettigrew
• an Austin 1800
• some asparagus
• some rural hard men
* a Yamaha 50 cc motorbike
* some Watneys Party Seven
* various girls I fancied
• Socrates (the footballer)
• Lincolnshire fight techniques

And loads more

Great Holiday Moments

The 1970s and early 1980s were filled with high-octane family holiday fun, as this short movie clip shows. As ever, no expense has been spared in the shooting and editing of this film.

Adapted from the illustration on p.209 of Small Town England (the bit just after the chapter on 50cc motorbikes).

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