Heart Attack – 1980

Crap teen punk band formed by my friend Ian Plenderleith and me in late 1978. Originally we had no instruments. These songs are taken from two or three different sessions in early to mid-1980. Some are recorded on my dad’s Hitachi hi-fi using stereo mics. On ‘Batchy’ we used Plendy’s Bontempi air organ (and probably recorded it in his mum’s dining room).

The Brezhnev Brothers – Studio recordings 1982-83
By now the name had changed and we had morphed from crap punks to serious electronicos. With loads more equipment, including a borrowed Digital Rhythm Matrix DRM16 drum machine, my brother’s Korg Ms-10 synth and a WEM Copicat

Temple of Ying 2009

Recorded in North London and mixed/mastered in Australia by Tony Salter of T-Bone Tunes. ‘Out of Stock’ attempts to recreate the heady thrill of trying to locate New York electro in early 80s North Lincolnshire.

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